Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Strengths to being Human.

     "Vulnerability and sensitivity are the key strengths to being human." When I heard this for the first time, it really stunned me and blew me away. It's the truth; people who are so in touch with their emotions reveal themselves to be raw to the core. Once that's achieved, an individual is able to be real and an attractive being that's valued to many, especially in the acting business. During my acting class for tonight, we did an exercise called "My Life in 5" where we were to sum-up our life story in five minutes. While watching each of my classmates tell their tale, not only did I realize that everyone has their own "hell" they lived through in life, but they were so genuine and sincerely honest to the point where it was enrapturing to listen and watch. For some of you, you might be thinking that due to this having been an acting class, everyone was just pulling this out of their "wazoo". However, this was a beginner acting class where everyone is freshly new to acting.  Plus, there's a significant difference in depicting whether a person is being truthful or not.
     When it was my turn to take a shot at the exercise, I was so nervous getting in front of everyone and "pouring out my heart and soul" to them. I sat in a metal chair in the middle of the room with bright hot lights shining down on me as a spotlight. After gazing at each eager face, I began my story...
     I divulged in the low points of my life which revolved around my life at home mainly concerning my mom and over-domineering step-dad. It felt so overwhelming to recap on what's been going on these last few years with them that before I knew it, my voice started to tremble uncontrollably and my eyes began to water where everything became a blur. So this was what it was like to feel vulnerable, an uncomfortable humility in telling your problems to complete strangers. However, there's something comfortable about it at the same time where these people won't judge you and come from a bias point-of-view versus someone who already knows you i.e. friends, family. From this exercise, I learned that it's powerful to be vulnerable and sensitive because I had everyone's attention in the palm of my hand with just being myself minus the pretenses and walls I would usually keep up. It's an unique feeling, and I recommend for all my readers to give it a try!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Song of Truth.

     Hello there readers! This is my first-ever blog, so let me just give you a sum-up of who I am. I'm Cienna, a freshman here at Cal. State Long Beach where I'm majoring in film and plan to be Mrs. Spielberg, NOT legally though. XD I love music, whether it's just listening to it or playing it on my many instruments: the saxophone, violin, and piano. Recently, I've been listening to tunes on the radio since I'm in the car frequently, and I now realize how many songs there are out there that have no substance at all. The hits that the music world pops out nowadays mainly consist of loud beats and electronic crap turned into gold. However, we fall in love with these songs due to the rhthym, its beat, but lastly considered is the lyrics. Then when you actually take a moment to listen to the catchy words that sing in between the distracting beats, you discover that the song's content is about either getting wasted, sex, crime, and partying. Nothing to it more than that, yet it's us, the audience, who fall victims to this noise and become fans of it by feeding our attentions to this genre. 
     There are some rarities out there that defend music's reputation with a good name though. For example, I heard this fresh upbeat song called, "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles, while switching radio stations in the car. It was beautiful compared to the repetitive songs I hear playing on everyother 2 minutes. There was actual substance and meaning to the song where Bareilles confronts the unequality roles that play into a relationship. One partner would tend to be the domineering individual who doesn't give the other any freedom in voicing their opinions to being in charge of their own lives. Sure, most of us have all been in that type of scenario and for those of us who haven't, well Bareilles does a simple fun tune on breaking it down for the audience. It's songs like these that tell a compelling story behind it and make the song worthwhile to lend an ear to. We can only hope that from here the music world steps it up for the better.

Check out the song! :D