Monday, November 1, 2010

I Don't Have A Life, I Have SECOND LIFE.

  For those of you aren't acquainted with Second Life, it's a virtual reality world where computer addicts would rather spend their days in there, constructing their new lives than appreciate the real ones they've already got. Now you may ask, how did I get involved with this? Well boys and girls, it wasn't because of my free will but the fact that my art assignments revolve around being an avatar in Second Life. This weekend, my group was assigned to create a virtual art gallery where we were curating works of Pop Art artists. Now this may sound fascinating and all, but the technical difficulties speak for themselves as a pain-in-the-booty program to work with. I spent half of my day on this machine building my SECOND life, and forgoing my first life in the process of doing so. At that moment, I was cranky, nauseated, frustrated, and an emotional wreck because my whole day had been dedicated to that project. Not only was seven hours of my day spent on the assignment, BUT so was my Halloween night of 2010. I could've been out trick-or-treating, but I continued to be glued to the front of my computer screen. Second Life reciprocated its negative feelings towards me as well because in between the hours, it sent each one of my pieces back to my inventory thinking I was done with the project. Of course, this cyber task had to be a difficult one! Why not?
I don't know how cyber fanatics do it, where they spend hours of their life on this beast and give up the physical activities of the outer world. While working on Second Life, it was like the glow of the monitor was sucking my life force out of me and energizing itself! It's possible I might have been losing my mind at the moment, and it could have been due to the fact that I only got up for bathroom breaks and pizza at dinner, but I'm hoping that I won't have to touch another keyboard until my next lifetime. Let's be realistic, that AIN'T happening!
We'll as long as I'm done spouting off my woes and complaints about that night, I just wanted to give you a warning-I mean taste of what Second Life's all about!


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