Friday, November 26, 2010

Playing the SiNGLE CARD.

Ladies and gents, I hope this post helps you realize that being single isn't as bad as it sounds. Why be tied on a leash to a boyfriend/girlfriend when you could be "free as a bird"? Yes, I know that "being an item" with a special someone is one of life's rewarding gifts, however, you lose so much in the meanwhile. By making time for John/Jane, it is like having your needy pet dog by your side all the time. Say sayonara to all your friends, family, and hobby activities, because those things aren't on your partner's "To Do" list, and it'll all be just you and them, you and them, YOU and THEM. Before you know it, you'll have fallen off the face of the social world where your pals will think you have gone missing. I know it sounds like I'm coming off as some anti-love teen but I'm just stating my perspective of relationships. Sometimes you can just get so caught up in them that you live in a bubble of your own and lose track of other matters. The whole bf/gf bit can either have its high points or low points, but to avoid the drama that comes on the side, you'll come to realize that sometimes the single life is better.

Some people think that it's more ideal to remain single versus being married even:


  1. I totally agree. The last time I was in a relationship I was juggled between my friends and my dude. Not only can you do whatever you want, but you can say what you feel like saying. I used to call my dude gay before I went out with him, not that being gay is anything bad, but I would just say the things he said were gay… if that makes any sense ahaha. But yeah, once we were going out he would get mad at all the things I would do, even if they were the same things I did before we were going out. Hanging out with my friends, rather than him would get him mad, but I was just like “Dude, I’ve known them way longer than you, and we already hung out all morning”. I figured it was best to stay single, I get to insult as many people as I want (in a loving way..haha) and don’t have to be juggled all around. But then, it does get lonely in this huge world, I think it’s just about finding someone that won’t make you choose between doing certain stuff with him/her or your friends, and won’t get all hurt when you punch or insult them…haha well at least for me.

  2. Yeah, I think that just being friends with people keeps the drama and spats to a minimum. Plus, it's hard to make time for both the bf and pals, however, I know that some people are able to do it. I'm not one of them though! (laughs) Wow Jesenia, I love your "insult and sock 'em" test that you'll put the dudes through first in the future! ;]